Girl in Stitches

Being the occasional and rambling account of one young lady's adventures with fabric and a soldering iron

Paper Bodice – part 2


I did some cyanotype photograms the other day and it went superbly. And then I tried it on a square of hand-woven Vietnamese silk and I botched it. It looks really pretty, just not what I wanted. It does, however, work quite well with the sea queen bodice thingummy I’ve started (it’s that bit pinned to the hip), although I haven’t got the colours to work perfectly together and it just looks like a big rosette at the moment. I’ll work on that somehow.


I’ve been free-machining this sheer two-tone blue fabric and cutting out the waves with a soldering iron, and I’ve got one side-front covered now with pins sticking out all over the show. The centre front is painted with watered-down acrylics, I was going to stitch something sheer and grey over it in watery patterns but I like the colours too much to be able to bring myself to cover them up.


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