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Computerised drafting

I got an email from Burdastyle yesterday advertising an online course in pattern drafting using Adobe Illustrator, for something like $130. That’s more than I can afford and I don’t have Adobe Illustrator anyway, but it got me thinking about drafting patterns on a screen instead of paper – I’m useless at drawing up patterns because I change my mind so many times about where a line should be that by the time I’ve got it right I can no longer see the correct outline to cut out. That’s not a problem on a computer. Anyway, I gave it a go on Serif Drawplus X5, just with a really easy short sleeve for starters. It’s not quite as straightforward to get the right shape as it is drawing it out by hand, which I guess is like some people preferring to write on paper than computer, but I had all the measurements for the armscye and length and things jotted down on the screen so I could refer to them, and overall it was pretty easy. Especially adding seam allowance. sleeve draft The only annoyance is that you can’t measure a curved line, otherwise this software would be perfect for drafting. Maybe in the later releases? I discovered later that you can measure curved lines on Inkscape (it’s free online if anyone’s interested) so I might try using that, but I do prefer Drawplus…Dilemma… Next steps: I might edit this sleeve pattern before I actually cut it in fabric: the top isn’t quite the right shape but it’s nearly there. Then I think I’ll try a skirt. Or a really basic dress. If anyone reads this and has any tips to share I would really appreciate them 🙂


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