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Waheeeey. This has taken so long, mainly because I have procrastinated and accidentally put holes in the fabric. But it’s done.

I can now claim to know the process behind making jeans, and it actually shouldn’t be a very long process.


I artfully stand upon a chair to get a classically inspired mirror shot rather than asking someone to take a photo.

DSC09856 DSC09855

Am I 100% happy with them? Nope. No. No I am not.

  • The waistband is not quite right (I made a slight miscalculation when I made the pattern, which I hadn’t actually finished when I printed it out and used it…)
  • The fit generally. It’s okay. Not great.
  • The yoke is less-than-ideal because I forgot I hadn’t finished the pattern (didn’t get to the yoke. Wish I’d remembered this before.)
  • There’s no topstitching on the inner leg
  • Did the belt loops, like, three times each and unpicked them. Machine kept jamming. I hate the belt loops.
  • I had to buy two sets of rivets. The first ones were cheap from ebay and put holes in the fabric before falling out. The second set were Prym rivets – much pricier but they went in a treat.

Shame I used my really nice silk organza to interface the waistband, but I couldn’t find my normal favourite interfacing. I realise as I write this that there’s a general air of chaos and disorganisation coming across.

Having said all of that, I am really pleased with them. They were super quick to make too, I used my overlocker for most of the seams to join and finish at the same time, so the actual trouser-shaped things were formed in maybe fifteen minutes or so. I probably will make more, so here is my list of what to do in what order, for next time:

  1. set up your overlocker, one sewing machine with topstitch thread and denim needle, one additional sewing machine with regular dark thread
  2. stitch yoke panels to back legs
  3. topstitch the above
  4. stitch tiny front pocket onto front right hip pocket, stitch on lining, stitch lining to front leg pocket opening, pin in place, repeat with left hip pocket (sans tiny pocket)
  5. topstitch pocket edges.
  6. stitch inner seams of each leg, fronts to backs.
  7. topstitch the above
  8. sew right leg to left leg at centre, and sew the sides closed too (I think I joined the two legs right-to-left rather than front-to-back…)
  9. topstitch! At sides (~4 inches) and back to bottom of fly.
  10. fly zip. There are loads of great tutorials online. I’ve already forgotten how to do it.
  11. waistband: sew together, join to legs, topstitch
  12. buttonhole, button.
  13. belt loops. Don’t cry.
  14. seat pockets, put something more fun on them next time.
  15. hem
  16. rivets
  17. look back and work out what you forgot.

6 comments on “Jeanzzz

  1. jennystitched
    September 23, 2015

    These look great! Did you make the pattern yourself?


    • maryinstitches
      September 24, 2015

      Thank you! Yeah I made the pattern from a combination of an existing pair of jeans and my measurements.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Smitha Easter
    September 23, 2015

    WOW! Great job. I esp love the details on the back pockets, the large stitch looks amazing! 🙂


  3. atkokosplace
    September 24, 2015

    I love the jeans! Wow. You do such beautiful work! Stunning in fact! Happy Fall. Koko❀


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