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Being the occasional and rambling account of one young lady's adventures with fabric and a soldering iron


Over a year, and they’ve changed the post-writing bit in WordPress. That serves me right for procrastinating.

I don’t feel like I’ve done much sewing over the past year, but if I think more carefully I realise I’ve actually done a lot. But some setbacks have knocked my confidence, and keeping a record on this blog would have helped me, I’m quite certain. First the jeans went wrong, and then the coat. I gave up a bit after that.

It’s been more clothing and less arty stuff this year, and I’ve quite enjoyed this. A really quick summer dress in some inky blue McElroy cotton lawn with tropical birds and bright flowers spilling across it which is now my go-to staple for baked out days if there’s a rare (very rare) British heatwave. And at the opposite end of the weather spectrum, a wool kilt. I’ve been meaning to make a kilt for years, and now I have, in deep blue Abraham Moon tweed, short and fitted around the waist with silver-buckled straps cinching it in. I’m so pleased with it.

Also there was a family party to make metres and metres of bunting to string above a hall full of ceilidh dancers, and table cloths below to match. Normally I’d call it an extravagance but we really enjoyed the inter-generational sewing session. The home-made, cared-for touch to the room lent a really warm edge to the whole evening.

Another thing I’ve worked on recently is a 3D stitched model of an adenovirus for a science outreach event. What a faff. Maybe one day it will be finished and I can upload photos, but I’m not holding my breath.


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